The DEKALB Alumni Association is governed by a set of by-laws.
These by-laws are as follows:

Article I – Name [Revised 08.02.88]

The name of the group will be known as DEKALB Alumni.


Article II – Purpose [Revised 09.10.02, 09.09.03]

The expressed purpose of the Alumni is to maintain communication between former employees of the DEKALB Corporation.


Article III – Membership [Revised 08.04.92, 09.10.02, 09.09.03]

To be eligible for membership in the Alumni an employee must have been employed under the corporate structure.  An individual who has never been employed by the corporate structure of DEKALB but wishes to join because of their genuine interest as expressed by present and past active support, may do so after having received a two-thirds positive vote of the Board of Directors.  Spouses as well as widowed spouses are also eligible.

After three years of eligibility any member or prospective member not paying dues will be dropped from the mailing list.


Article IV – Dues [Revised 03.07.01, 09.10.02]

Membership dues will be $15 annually per family and are payable September 1st.
Membership dues can be changed by The Board of Directors.

Money received from the membership dues will be used for the following:

  1. Postage for membership mailings.
  2. Other items as agreed upon by the Alumni Board.


Article V – Government [Revised 09.13.05 09.16.15]

The Government of the Alumni shall be vested in the Board of Directors and officers elected at each annual meeting.

At each annual meeting two directors will be elected to serve three (3) year terms.

The term of office of the Board of Directors will rotate on a three-year basis.

The Board of Directors may fill vacancies to an unexpired term of office.

The officers of the Alumni will be selected by the Board of Directors and will consist of a President, Vice President and Secretary-Treasures to be elected by the members of the Board of Directors. The office of President can be held for no more than two consecutive years.

The Board of Directors will be responsible for setting the date and place of the annual meeting of the Alumni.

Those members present at the Board of Directors meeting will constitute a quorum.

The Board of Directors has the authority to establish working committees to carry out the plans of the membership. The following committees are suggested:

  1. Annual meeting committee.
  2. Travel committee (to make recommendations for a group trip).
  3. Coordination committee (to plan itinerary and handle the arrangements once the group trip has been decided upon).


Article VI – Amendments to the By-Laws [Revised 01.01.83]

These By-Laws may be amended by a majority vote of the members.  An amendment change will be solicited by mail with ballots cast by mail or by voting at the annual meeting, with attendance at the annual meeting constituting a quorum.