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2017 Annual Meeting
Sept 12 & 13
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2016 Annual Meeting

Who we are:
We are an association of former employees from the various companies that were part of the DEKALB Corporation, and other interested individuals. Over the years our parent company has operated under various names including the DeKalb Agricultural Association - which subsequently became DEKALB AgResearch, and more recently, DEKALB Genetics Corporation. Affectionately referred to by many as “the AG”, our company is best known for its leading role in the development of hybrid corn, sorghum, poultry and swine and for the world famous “winged ear” logo. Membership in DEKALB Alumni Association (DAA) is open to all former employees. The greatest concentration of our members resides in DeKalb County, Illinois, where the progenitor to our company began in the early 1900’s. In keeping with the company’s nation-wide footprint, DAA’s membership is spread across the U.S.

For more details, see Membership and History.

Our relationship to Monsanto:
DEKALB Genetics Corporation (formerly DeKalb Agricultural Association and DEKALB AgResearch) was purchased by Monsanto Company in 1998. The DEKALB seed business, the DEKALB® brand and the winged ear logo are now owned and managed by Monsanto. Some of our Association members are employees of Monsanto, while many others are retirees. DEKALB Alumni Association has no legal relationship to Monsanto but enjoys a good working relationship linked by our common interest in the history and future of the world famous DEKALB brand of seeds and the winged ear.

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